For the term shaman dibali known as Balian, tread or jero dasar. Balian is a person who has the power to cure someone's illness. Balian Sesana Dharma can be equated with Balian ethics, Sesana means behavior, obligation. While ethics, which comes from the word ethos (Greek) means knowledge of the moral principle. Dharma sesana in Indonesian can be equated with morality, namely the basis of goodness that guides the human life, obligations that must be fulfilled as members of society.

Man must do dharma sesana if he wants his life to achieve happiness. He has to adjust to his environment both with alit buana and with great aloe. In every religion these Sesana dharma guidelines must exist because good teachings are always universal. Humans whatever their jobs especially as balian if you want to live in prosperity must be based on a definite standard that is dharma sesana. Balian who work against humans, need standard sesharma dharma, which can be followed and obeyed by all balian as a guide in carrying out his profession. The Dharma sesana balian is as follows:

All secrets of a sick person must be kept, not to be shared or shared with others.
The lives of balian must be pure and clean, regardless of greed, arrogance and immorality. In lontar bhagawan çiwa said perfectly stressed that, a balian should not be arrogant, must behave well according to dharma, and all lust should be held in the heart.
A balian should not be anxious, doubtful, let alone shy in the heart must be firm and steady and full of confidence in what is done. Do not waver against all obstacles, obstacles, distractions, and temptations that come from within yourself, which results in the failure of the effort being taken. Will not back down before succeeding in getting what is being lived, what is desired is healing from a sick person.
A balian cannot be strings attached. All treatments take place sincerely without strings attached. Because all the items that are truly Balian in Bali will know the consequences of trials and other materials. The balian must know their rights and obligations, be humble, not arrogant, limit themselves to what they can do, respect human life, because in the body of the sarira or the human body, reside in Sang Hyang Atma, Sang Hyang Bayu Pramana because buying can condemn invalid balian dharma sesana. And if the miracle of supernatural powers or kesidiannya in terms of treating sick people can decrease and fade. And even worse, he will receive a curse from the Sang Hyang Budha so that his life will suffer, including his grandchildren. Be aware of the procedures for becoming courtesy, don't be misinterpreted or misused, it is very dangerous to be courtesy. Whoever desires to be the supernatural power of Mawisesa, is not defeated by the magic power of the mantra can carry out all treatments, can cure all diseases and divination. So, you should always have the Ida Batara Tiga ring, especially the Ida Batara Dalem, Village and Puseh rings. As a way to ask for his supernatural powers, Ida I Ratu Nyoman Sakti Pengekar, who was a trainer with his other brothers. Ida I queen Nyoman Sakti Pengadang is a universal board, must be made pelinggih ordinary pelwangan pelanganangan in the form of a sacred chamber, made daksina linggih, placed in prisons.
Balian Based on Its Purpose:
Balian Penengen.
Penengen Balian is balian whose goal is to treat a sick person so that heal. This balian is often also called Balian Ngardi Ayu (shaman of kindness). This court is generally friendly, open, full of authority and helpful. Anyone he will help does not distinguish whether he is a good person or a bad person, people who are poor or rich are all served according to his illness.

Balian Pengiwa.
The Balian Pengiwa is a balian which aims to make a healthy person become sick and a sick person becomes more sick, even to death. That is why this type of balian is often called balian aji wegig, a shaman who exercises the power of dating other people, acting ignorantly, being nosy, towards other people. This type of balian is very difficult to track, the work is full of secrets, closed and mysterious. Often these also disrupt the patient's judgment when treating the sick so that they do not heal, ignorant and nosy. The other side of aji wegig brings rain when people are performing ceremonies, holding rain (nerang) when people grow crops, and testing the magic with other things is the hobby of this life gift. Besides that, this gift also has the ability to heal, especially people who have their own wives, or others.