Bali Education & Volunteer

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Here at Volunteer Programs Bali, we believe that education can change a child’s destiny. More than just an international volunteer program, we provide opportunities to empower local Balinese communities through free English classes, recycling events, workshops. Furthermore, we also provide scholarship program, paid-internship, and continuously encourage local business owners to create job opportunities for our students. These opportunities give our students the tools they need to achieve their fullest potential in an ever-changing society, while holding on to the values and respect for the vibrant culture that makes Bali so unique. Since 2013, over 1000 international volunteers have provided the backbone for our after school English classes. These English classes not only provide the opportunity for Balinese youth to escape poverty, but also encourage them to inspire others and contribute to their own communities as they grow.

The VP Bali Scholarship Program has become a powerful way for us to inspire our older students who are financially struggling to continue their formal education. Through donations and a portion of our volunteer fees, our scholarship program is making a significant difference against the alarming numbers of Balinese adolescents dropping out of school. For students that are eager to learn and motivated to do more than just learning the English language, we also created opportunities to help at our organization. These extra helpers are chosen by our local coordinators. They are selected on motivation and eagerness to learn, but we also look at their personal and financial situation as we strongly want to support children that are struggling with their financial situation. They help the local coordinators in the schools with classes management, running inventory of class materials, and other administrative tasks. They receive a monthly compensation for their hard work, and at the same time we offer them the possibility to grow within our organization.

Collaborating with local businesses and families, we aim to create self-sustainable community. We encourage businesses to hire our older students and alumni. We hope to further develop this community with both local and international partners who share our values and understand our overarching mission.